Court Homes Construction Ltd is a construction company offering a full range of residential sector services across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and surrounding areas.

Today’s buildings require a sophisticated approach toward construction service delivery. We embrace innovative methods to continually improve the construction process, working in partnership with our clients to build homes to a high standard whilst demonstrating excellent value for money.

Cloud based technology

We use the latest cloud based technology to allow our clients to see progress on site, both financial and on-site production, in real time.


Open-books contracting

Our simple online cost control and reporting programme makes open-books contracting a reality . See money spent, prices coming in from sub-contractors, site drawing documents and correspondence, at any time, on any device.


100% savings return

Our clients take the risk on an overspend, but also retain 100% of any savings made on projects. Variations are carried out at cost, on site, with no additional management fees or profit added.


Fixed fees

We work on a fixed monthly fee, meaning our priority is our client and their project, not our financial benefit.

In-house contractor

Our open-book and management fee system of working combined means a non-adversarial approach where Court Homes Construction Ltd become a member of your team - effectively an ‘in-house’ contractor.


Customer service

Our hardworking, committed team strive for unique ways to deliver schemes for our clients. Our responsive and flexible approach is based on a foundation of trust.



Our expertise in housing, both affordable and market sale, means we are adaptable in fitting in with our clients requirements on any residential project.


Honesty & integrity

Transparent communication

Best Value

Delivering excellence


Court Homes Construction Ltd, 7 Paynes Park, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1EH

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